Plumbing work is the back bone of any commercial or residential project. Seepage and leakage spoils the images of any project, to understand this sensitive issue, one has to know the history of plumbing work.

1st Generation

Initially, very less importance a given to the most sensitive part of construction galvanized iron (G.I) pipes and fittings Were used for internet water supply for potable water and cast iron (C.I) was used for sewerage and drainage purpose.Since the name Iron syndicates its will catch rust and corrosion and this is what happened with this technology and soon the pipes and fittings started catching rust, which is not good for human health and due to leakage after rust, seepage and leakage use to appear on the buildings and houses.Consumers desperately needed on innovation in technology so these issues can be eliminated (picture on the left shows G.I & C.I in an old building)  

2nd Generation

After the failure of G.I and C.I pipes and fittings PVC and C-PVC cam , for seepage systems U-PVC for clean water u-PVC (for cold water) and C-PVC (for hot water was used) unit solutions. Joints unfortunately Glaser reverses water and its is normally experienced by every individual. While taking a shower, you expect hot water and initially you get cold water, then Glaser function. Due to this reason, cold water use to enter c-PVC (hot water pipes) and hot water use to enter cold water (UPVC Pipes) since bear hot water temperature.So it used to damage u-PVC pipes which I’m return, resulted in seepage and leakage issue (Picture on you left indicted)

3rd Generation

This is due had to be eliminated and Germans initialed with a technology PPR-C, this technology came and resolved every issue related to seepage and leakage (Provided proper installation was done) this technology PPR-C was based on heat fusion technology.A special kind of machine is used fusion technology, A special kind of machine is used for the pressure pipes and fitting. Once these pipes and fittings are installed, they can be tested by water pressure with on equipment. After the test is successful, he chances of leakage and seepage are completely eliminated (provided workmanship is done properly) Eternal group of industries initially started manufacturing Pipe Plus PPR-C pipes and fittings with enrient quality, economical prices, and global standards and based its self with best technology our PPR-C can be tested through and pressure tests can be conducted