ETG (ETERNAL TRADING GROUP) established in the year 1978 as a trading group importing yarn and manufacturing fabric in Pakistan , Gradually shifted to apparel business and started exporting to USA and Canada. ETG has always been quality conscious group, In the year 2003 our now generation entered the entity with the vision of versatility and growth in the building material industry, started importing PPRC and PVC pipes and fitting from one of the demand and supply, we achieved a first-movers advantage by establishing our own state of the art manufacturing facility and started production at Sunder industrial estate Lahore by the name of "Eternal Group Of Industries" thus graduation from distributes to manufacturers to accomplish our goal of providing quality solution at an affordable price . Now EGI is deeply rooted in the Pakistani market and has attained a reputation of excellence for being a dependable source f solution excellence and market its reputation in building and construction material since 2003. Solving problems innovatively has been the way since its inception, our knowledgeable people, trusted products and exemplary services have forged a reputation for excellence


To produce building materials for our valued customers by serving then both quality and affordability, thus marking our make as true leading brand promotes innovation, ecology and work ethics


To become the market leaders in all domestic market , with a strong focus on quality an affordability, We aim and strive to be the leading edge company of superiority, with trusted products and excellent services


We value the dynamic requirement of our industry and firmly believe  in playing our part for the overall economic growth and advancement in peoples' lifestyle by providing and uncompromising quality at an affordable price


By the Grace of Almighty Allah, we are sure that Pipeplus services the purpose of true pipes and fitting, We ask out esteemed architects and consultants to run a practical pressure test for which free sampling can be provided to assure quality and standard


Since plumbing is the back bone of any building be it Residential or commercial , our experts constantly visit sites especially when the pressure test is being conducted

Quality  Policy:

Pipe Plus considers that brilliance can only come from promise , To accomplish the needs of our customers, we always make every effort to improve our products . This is achieved by utilizing state of the art technology , industry expertise and knowledge further complimented by our best services at all the times
  1. durable high resistance to aggressive element, which gives the system services life of 50 years and more
  2. Easy connectivity over a complex network
  3. Low Electrical Conductivity
  4. Resistant to Frost
  5. It is fit for uses in seismic areas
  6. Environment friendly with recyclable ability
  7. Minimal head looses due to smooth internal surface of both pipes and fittings
  8. Nontoxic and Physiologically harmless material
  9. Resistance to wide range of chemicals and crossing i avoided in services lines. Good impact strength so a to be used in all environments and around building
  10. Acoustic insulation against fluid noise
  11. Light weight compared to the metallic

Jointing Methods

The Process of jointing Pipe Plus PPRC pipes and fitting is simple and results in a permanent joint. It is carried ut using a simple welding machine that melts the internal surface of the fitting and the external surface of the pipe, so that the material of the pipe and fitting will be used to-gather to form a leak free joints
Pipe Plus SWV (oil, Waste & Vent) i complete piping system made f Plasticized Polyvinyl chloride (U-PVC) compound. Pipe plus system is manufactured in conformity with BS-4514/BS-4660/BS-5481 IOS-3633 & ASTM D-2241

Product Range :

Pipe Plus U-PVC Soil, waste & Vent (SWV/Pressure) pipe and fitting are available in diameter range from 2 inch to 8 inch . The pipes are available in Standard length or 13 feet, 4 Mtr & 6 Mtr

Features And Benefits :

High quality of finish with smooth internal surface (preventing the building up of deposit). Excellent resistance to chemicals, Lights weight of the system makes its t install . A complete plastic system which is resistant to organic growth and corrosion , allowing high flow speeds of transported liquids  its provides a reliable , efficient and durable connection. Extensive utilization with wide range of fitting to offer multiple solutions

Quality Management :

Pipe Plus PPR-C / U-PVC pipes and fittings are inspected and tested by qualified quality controls professionals in our state of the art laboratory for conformance to the specifications to ensure standardization of the supplied products as per natino and international standard . The scope of quality control test ensure that the dimensional , mechanical , physical and chemical characteristics of the product conform to the relevant standard . In addition , web reinforce our quality control and quality assurance by having our products tested by reliable third party authorities